Attila Patócs

Department Head

Prof. Dr. Attila Patócs, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc

Prof. Dr. Attila Patócs is the Head of the Departments of Molecular Genetics and of the Clinical Laboratory who also serves as a Professor of laboratory medicine and molecular genetic diagnostics at the Semmelweis University. Dr. Patócs has a 20+ years of expertise in diagnosing monogenic diseases, and the majority of his research projects are directed to decipher germline genetic predisposition to cancer. Following his clinical and Ph.D. training, Dr. Patócs underwent postdoctoral training at Dr. Charis Eng’s laboratory at the Ohio State University and the Cleveland Clinic.
Returning to Hungary, he started his own laboratory focusing on the genetic background of hereditary endocrine diseases. For over 15 years he serves as principal investigator of various research projects in the intersection of endocrinology, oncology and genetics. From 2021, Prof. Patócs is the secretary of the Hungarian Society of Oncology and secretary of the Hungarian Board of Clinical Geneticists.

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